Your county can raise awareness about disability issues and improve accessibility for people with disabilities! Creating awareness about disability issues, and eliminating barriers to access, will make your county more inclusive and welcoming, contributing toward its economic vitality.

The Accessible Communities Act calls for each of Washington’s counties to form an Accessible Communities Advisory Committee (ACAC). The Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment (GCDE) can advise and assist counties in forming an ACAC, and the GCDE has funding available to provide reimbursement for the costs associated with ACAC meetings.

Funding also is available from the GCDE for disability-related projects which promote accessibility. County ACACs review, prioritize and submit to the GCDE projects addressing barriers, promoting awareness and many other disability-related initiatives.

“Our counties may not be aware that they are leaving money on the table. Every county should look into the money that is available for counties to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.”

– Juliana Roe, Policy Director at the Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC)

ACACs may be formed as new committees comprising people with disabilities, their family members, disability advocates, and health & human services professionals, or counties may expand their existing county voting access advisory committee. They may also designate an existing disability advocacy organization as their ACAC or may join with another county in forming a joint ACAC.

Please contact Elaine Stefanowicz, Program Coordinator for the GCDE’s Accessible Communities program or Marilyn Crandall, Chair of the GCDE’s Accessible Communities sub-committee for more information or for assistance in forming your ACAC. More information also is available on the GCDE website.